Under Graduate Courses

Mechanical Department

The department of Mechanical Engineering was started in 2008. The objective of the department is to carry out offers privileged education in Engineering and Technology relevant to the current and projected needs of the society. In addition promoting research and propagating knowledge gained there from, it fosters support between the academic and industrial neighbourhood by the fusion of Mechanical Engineering.


The faculty members have significant experience in the field of Teaching & industries and support for Student development activities. The Department offers vibrant atmosphere to the student to nurture the spirit of scientific inquiry and to pursue cutting edge swot.


To make the department excel in imparting quality education with dedication and commitment to produce efficient and quality mechanical engineers to serve the country and the society as a whole.


To make the students employable in various fields of engineering and technology by providing excellent academic services and training.


To inculcate professional behavior, strong ethical values, innovative research capabilities and leadership abilities in the young minds so as to work with the commitment to the progress of the nation.

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