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B.Tech Information Technology


To be a leading centre for IT education and research, empowering graduates with advanced skills and creative thinking to drive innovation in the global technology landscape


  1. To provide high-quality education and research opportunities in a range of fields related to Information Technology.
  2. To foster innovation, creativity and collaboration among students and faculty.
  3. To promote diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.
  4. To engage with industry partners and professional organizations to stay current on emerging trends and provide students with real-world experience.
  5. To foster a culture of lifelong learning and ongoing professional development among students and faculty.

About Course

The influence of Technological progress on humans is not complete without Information Technology, in all fields. There is a constant rise in the number of students choosing to specialize in Information Technology. Education in Information Technology provides the knowledge through which the demands of users within an organizational and societal context can be met. B.Tech IT equips the students with a thorough understanding of the technology and also provides them with practical skills in applying the inculcated knowledge. The syllabus and curriculum are consistently updated on par with the global standards to cover the latest technologies and to meet the needs of the IT and core industries. The final year students are provided with opportunities to carry out internships in leading industries.


The college has state of the art lab facilities and great research facilities catering to the needs of the research community, providing sufficient opportunity for the students to perform and test their skills. Workshops, seminars and invited talks from experts are regularly organized. The IT programme at EASA College of Engineering & Technology's teachings can be implemented for several other purposes, including the development of computer vision, computer systems architecture, and much more.


Our students gain expertise on the following subjects during this course:
  • Web Technology
  • Mobile Communication
  • Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  • Cryptography and Network Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Information Storage and Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Computer Architecture and Computer Networks
  • Database Management Systems

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