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B.E CSE Cyber Security


To become an international leading centre for Cyber Security education and research, developing experts in the field who can safeguard individuals, organisations and society from cyber threats in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.


  1. To provide excellent Cyber Security education, enabling students to develop a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals and the latest tools and techniques to protect against cyber threats.
  2. To conduct cutting-edge research in Cyber security, developing innovative solutions to tackle the growing and complex nature of cyber threats.
  3. To collaborate with industry leaders and organisations to provide students with practical experience in dealing with real-world cyber security challenges.
  4. To encourage students to engage in research and development projects, applying their knowledge and skills to address specific cyber security issues and challenges.
  5. To educate the public about cyber security risks and best practices and provide resources to help individuals and organisations stay safe and secure online.

About Course

Even the simplest actions in today's world are increasingly dependent on technology and the internet. As a result, cyber security crimes have increased dramatically, necessitating the hiring of cyber security engineers.


Cyber security is a fascinating branch of Computer Science and Engineering that is suitable for persons who like to take on new challenges. Cyber Security specialization will provide a deeply engaging learning experience with interesting real-world applications. To fight against cyber attacks and other persistent threats, cyber security engineers create and execute secure network solutions. Engineers who complete the Cyber Security course will be able to test and monitor network systems as well as develop a solid defence system.


EASA College of Engineering and Technology is one of the pioneer institutes in Coimbatore, providing a dedicated UG course in Cyber Security. Students of Cyber Security course gain cross-disciplinary skills like data security, IT security and web security. The program aims to provide students with the right eye for detail, problem-solving skills, hands-on experience with maintenance of firewalls and endpoint security. 


The curriculum strives to furnish students with,

Analytical Skills - Detect and investigate the cyber attacks and data breaching.

Technological Skills - Proficiency in languages and tools like C++, Java, Node, Python, Ruby, Go and Power Shell. 

Core Subjects covered under the course:

At the end of the course, students will come out as experts with actionable insights and solutions to real-world problems.

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