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B.E Biomedical & Robotic Engineering

Biomedical & Robotic Engineering is a multidisciplinary course that provides a thorough knowledge of biological and robotic principles in the field of engineering design. The department of Biomedical & Robotic Engineering has maintained an excellent track record in academics, placement, research activities and industrial training.


Biomedical & Robotic engineering has a direct impact on human life, thereby making it distinct and attractive from other departments of engineering. The ever-rising demand for Biomedical Engineers is appropriate to our society’s inclination towards effective and convenient healthcare. Biomedical & robotic engineering is an interdisciplinary field that has almost infinite possibilities and there is an increasing need for large scale investments to support quality education. This creates opportunities to train biomedical engineers and to provide innovative and cost-effective health care solutions.


Our program is meticulously planned to ensure that the students cultivate a strong base in biomedical and robotic engineering and also to familiarize them with other engineering disciplines which provide possibilities for them to work on a multidisciplinary innovative platform.


The huge magnitude in the realm of biomedical engineering enables students to choose from a wide range of research and higher studies options. This is a discipline that assures placements in medical equipment manufacturing, hospital, and service companies.

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