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Post Graduate Courses

Communication Systems

Communication is one of the essentials for present-day society in this changing lifestyle combined with digital technology. It will aid combined decision making in sensors, healthcare, power, transportation, industrial automation and others domains. M.E in Communication Systems forms the significant basis for a combination of computational paradigms to energy-efficient architecture, communication networks, and protocols aiming to deliver resilient, ubiquitous, secure and next-generation networks.


The post-graduate programme, M.E. COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS is an advanced level programme in the field of Communication Engineering. This program also provides insights into the design features of wireless communication systems utilizing computational optimization. It offers unique, high-class technical knowledge and practical design experience to the students in the technological aspects and also in the applications of electronic communication. The course has consistently been evolving in terms of subjects offered and EASA is consistently enhancing the laboratory facilities by constantly upgrading with advanced equipment and software to meet the industrial requirements.


The program enables a firm foundation for students seeking a career in electromagnetic, radiation systems, wireless, signal processing, baseband and bandpass communication signal design and processing circuits. EASA focus on providing insights to students in high-frequency system design and control systems, optical media challenges for transmission and networking, by developing a diverse scope of theoretical and practical skills delivered in the context of real-world applications.


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