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M.E Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing is the backbone of any economy. All the economic activities are reliant upon the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing businesses in the country. Thus, it is the base over which all other sectors of the economy thrive. The process of manufacturing requires academic knowledge and technical skills with the production process to deliver the best out of the available resource. The fundamental of manufacturing is to deliver maximum output with available inputs.


M.E Manufacturing Engineering course was started during the year 2008 in Easa College of Engineering and technology. The course focuses on the demands of the manufacturing industry embracing the areas of design, materials, production, processes, quality control and planning and control. The syllabus has been constructed taking course contents from traditional disciplines such as manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, management, materials and processes. The course has been designed to include the application of analytical and quantitative methods in manufacturing and to prepare the students to improve their abilities in the usage of modern tools such as statistical data analysis, finite element analysis, simulation, and optimization.


This course provides a deep understanding of a broad range of manufacturing processes from predictive analytics, sustainable smart manufacturing, material joining, casting etc. Through this course, students acquire knowledge, expertise and abilities to resolve practical problems encountered in manufacturing.

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