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Power Electronics and Drives

EASA’s Power Electronics and Drives course aim at educating graduate engineers in the field of Power Electronics, with the state of the art techniques in system-level modelling analysis, renewable energy technologies, smart grids, design and integration of motor drives and electric vehicles. The program also includes advanced topics in embedded controllers and digital signal processors which are vital for today's Power Electronics engineers. The program is successfully completed with a project work, in which the students are encouraged to work on specific areas involving simulation, fabrication, design, and testing of any power electronics system having industrial or research application values.


The ME program in Power Electronics and Drives is for the increasing academic and industry needs of power electronics applications in energy conversion. The program has an extensive range of subjects in energy conversion technologies and power electronics. The laboratories at EASA are upgraded periodically to reflect changes in the energy management auditing and lighting profession in consultation with experts from industries and renowned academic institutions. Some innovative practices are included in the curriculum like relative grading, projects associated with lab and theory courses, continuous evaluation, etc.


The department has a well-connected alumni network and has links within the industry. Facilities include well-equipped laboratories and Departmental Library. The students are supported to regularly visit organizations and power stations. The department provides industrial knowledge by organizing Guest lectures by industrial experts. Students are encouraged to present and publish their project work in reputed conferences and journals.


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