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M.E CSE Cyber Security

Privacy and security have become mandatory for all types of industries. In recent years, Cyber Security is a sector that has attained massive growth due to the development of internet technology and increasing numbers of cybercrimes. By earning an M.E. CSE Cyber Security degree at EASA College of Engineering And Technology, an individual can be well-qualified to protect the systems, networks, information, communications and storage from the ever-increasing security threats. The primary goal of our master's program is to train professionals in both computer science and cyber security. Here the students will innovate, conduct multidisciplinary research in computer science & cyber security fields and engage in learning the latest technologies and processes designed to shield data, networks and computers from illegitimate users and cybercriminals who can deliver security threats, vulnerabilities and malicious attacks via the world wide web.


Our Master of Engineering program in Computer Science Engineering & Cyber Security provides an excellent blend of theoretical concepts and practical learning in various subjects such as advanced data structures & algorithms, computer networks, machine learning, cryptanalysis, distributed & cloud security, cyber forensics and IoT security. We empower students to successfully implement cyber security projects to solve real-life problems, thereby demonstrating design, analysis, programming, and implementation capabilities.


With the level of Internet spying and terrorism increasing around the globe, the demand for cyber security experts is also on the rise. Recently, government and private sector websites are facing high-profile hacks that have created momentum for the training and certification of new fully equipped cyber security staff. Due to the increased complexity of cybercrime, the training required to work in this field is becoming more stringent as the number of available cyber security jobs continues to rise day by day. Our Computer Science Engineering & Cyber Security master's program equips the students to take on various challenging roles such as network security engineers, security architects, disaster recovery managers, information systems security officers, cyber security system developers, project managers, test engineers and security consultants working on the design and implementation of cyber security systems for government agencies and private companies in several areas such as security, banking, and e-commerce, law enforcement and health care. Major employers currently seeking cyber security professionals include government agencies, the military, banks, health care organizations and technology companies.


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