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Engineering Laboratories

ECE Department
  • Circuits and devices Laboratory
  • Analog and digital circuits Laboratory
  • Oops and data structures Laboratory
  • Circuits and simulation integrated Laboratory
  • Linear integrated circuits Laboratory
  • Electrical engineering and control system Laboratory
  • Digital signal processing Laboratory
  • Communication systems Laboratory
    • Microprocessor and microcontroller Laboratory
    • Computer networks Laboratory
    • Vlsi design Laboratory
    • Embedded Laboratory
    • Optical and microwave Laboratory
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PETROLEUM Department
  • Fluid mechanics Laboratory
  • Heat transfer Laboratory
  • Petroleum testing Laboratory
  • Mass transfer Laboratory
  • Geology Laboratory
  • Drilling fluids and cementing techniques Laboratory
  • Process control & instrumentation Laboratory
  • Petroleum equipment design drawing Laboratory
  • Oil field equipment design drawing Laboratory
  • Dynamics Laboratory
  • Engineering practices Laboratory
  • Fluid mechanics Laboratory
  • Heat and mass transfer Laboratory
  • Manufacturing technology-I Laboratory
  • Manufacturing technology-II Laboratory
  • Mechatronics Laboratory
  • Metrology and measurements Laboratory
  • Thermal Laboratory

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