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Under Graduate Courses

B.E Agriculture Engineering

B. E Agriculture course is intended to promote skills and explore career opportunities in agriculture and its allied industry. Our instructional curriculum includes topics related to plant, animal, soil, food sciences, landscaping, environmental and horticulture. EASA College of Engineering and Technology Students acquire skills required to meet their career aspirations, professional skills for gainful employment and leadership capabilities to work efficiently. Additionally, the course provides research opportunities to enhance the interests of the students.


Our Agriculture Department contributes to overall agricultural research by enhancing its research infrastructure to grow into one of the best agricultural scientific and technological institutions in India. We strive to establish international collaborations in agricultural research to enhance innovation and make vital contributions to the agriculture ecosystem.


EASA College of Engineering & Technology has a well-established course in B.E Agriculture, which provides programmes in Agriculture, Water, Food, and Biotechnology (year). Recognizing the importance of agriculture in the country, and also the constraints of seats available to seek professional education in agriculture, EASA has introduced this programme. Students are qualified in crop cultivation techniques from land preparation to harvesting of crops. Various software study for Modelling, Mapping, and Analysis in GIS, CAD, and Remote sensing are provided to the students during the course of their study.


The course prepares students to grow into leaders in knowledge-driven professions. Our Students learn to move across conventional academic boundaries, to explore knowledge and resources required to solve major technological problems.

We provide our students the knowledge in
  • Principles and Practices of Crop Production
  • Soil Science and Engineering
  • Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  • Farm Machinery and Equipment
  • Ground water and Well Engineering
  • Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
  • Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System
  • Bio-Energy Resource Technology
Faculty Profile details
S.No Name  Designation
1 P. Gokul Deepan HOD
2 M.A. Asha AP
3 A.Sumil Kumaran  AP
4 S.R. Shivasubramniam AP
5 Mahamithra AP

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